About Me

“To make images can become a process of intensifying and of renewing connection; the camera may serve to break down the barriers between the self and the subject.” John Blakemore

As well as a photographer, I’m a writer and high school teacher living and working in Sheffield.
My passion for photography goes back to when I was a young boy. It stems from my fascination of the captured image, particularly black and white, as my deepest interest is in creating pictures in monochrome.

My style has many influences; most profoundly the photographers of the early to mid-nineteen hundreds, as well as John Blakemore, my tutor, who always encouraged me to ‘find my eyes.’

The pictures I take are attempts to capture moments along my life’s path.

“My pictures are immediate and yet at the same time, they’re forever. They present a moment so profoundly a moment that it becomes an eternity.” Roy DeCarava

Please, contact me with any requirements you may want to discuss or ideas you would like to pursue. Commissions are welcomed.

Emerson Daniel